NVOKE's legacy will be more than just ethical clothing

Slave labour in the fashion industry runs deeper than just our immediate supply chain. Creating meaningful, lasting change means breaking the cycle of poverty for those trapped slave labour. The more safe, fair paying jobs we can create, and the better quality of life we can create, the less people there will be forced into slave labour.

As a start up, this looks like donating a portion of every sale to charities that work to prevent and provide support to those who have been exploited.

In the future, it is our dream to build gyms and facilities all around the world to give people of all ages the opportunity realise their potential through training.

As a consumer, your choice to purchase ethical clothing has a much greater impact than you think.

Paying an extra $5 for a garment can be the difference between the person who made it living in poverty vs earning a fair wage. your decision not to purchase non-ethical products also means there is less fuel to feed the slave labour machine.

It is one of our core beliefs to never under estimate the power of small daily actions. whether its consistency in training, or seemingly small decisions to purchase ethical clothing, they all add up to create life changing impact.